Secure Online Motorhome Booking

Please READ this so your are aware of the Booking Request Procedure

We will respond to your Booking Request with two emails.
  • The first email - is an automated acknowledgement of your booking request.
  • The second email - with either be:
    • If your booking is successfull, you will receive a Booking Confirmation via email - subject to vehicle availability, payment of your non refundable booking deposit and compliance with our Terms & Conditions 
    • A no availability email - where no payment would have been processed from your nominated card.
Please Note: 
  • We can only take payment from the Main Drivers debt card or credit card for secuirty reasons.
  • If you do not live in the UK, we can only accept credit card payments.
  • A non refundable booking deposit of £500.00 is required to book your motorhome online, unless you are booking within 6 weeks of your collection date, where the full rental balance will be taken immedatley as the non refundable booking deposit.
  • Your remaining rental charge is due 6 weeks prior to your collection date.
  • If you are paying by a credit card an additional 2% will be charged on top of the non refundable booking deposit, and is processed immedatley. (This charge is also non refundable.)
Once your booking request has been received and your booking payment has been processed, you will receive your motorhome booking confirmation via email. 
Please read the booking confirmation carefully, this will confirm your motorhome collection address, dates and times of pick up and return.  It will also detail the identification all drivers must produce upon collection of your motorhome.

Please ensure you are punctual when collecting and returning your rental motorhome.

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